A Revolution

In Winemaking

The GOfermentor brings 21st century technology, developed originally for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, to modern winemaking. This technology dramatically reduces the capital and operating cost for a winery. No cleaning is required. The GOfermentor provides better control of fermentation parameters, minimal exposure to air, and automated cap management, thereby producing better extraction, better color and ultimately better quality wine.

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GOfermentor® Announces it will donate GOfermentors to wineries effected by wildfire in CA

GOfermentor announces it will donate GOfermentors to any winery effected by the wildfires in in Mendocino, Napa, and Sonoma Counties. We are saddened by the devastation and would like to provide equipment to help get the wineries back on their feet. There is no set-up, or plumbing required. You can be up and running in hours. We will donate the equipment, all you need to buy are the disposable bags that you use. Each GOfermentor can handle up to 1 ton of grapes per batch.

GOfermentor gets patent for winemaking equipment in France!

Fermenting Wine Grapes in a Bag

The GOfermentor enables quality improvement in small wineries, By Richard Carey


GOfermentor is a new method of managing fermentations of 1-ton lots of grapes. A large plastic bag with two compartments is placed in a specially designed bin. After crushing, the grapes are put in one compartment and sealed. As the second compartment is filled with air, it pushes against the grape bag, which forces juice through the cap.

A major advantage of the GOfermentor is the reduction of water use in the winery. The cellar stays clean during fermentation, and cleanup after fermentation is easy because pomace stays in the bag, which is recyclable.

The GOfermentor system gives a winemaker flexibility in managing small or odd-size lots of grapes.

Improve Quality

The single-use fermentation liner is delivered clean and the fermentation is performed entirely inside this sealed environment with no exposure to air. The automated cap management punch technology extracts more color and flavor than any conventional system. This results in increased freshness, reduced oxidation and better quality wine.

Stop Wasting Water

90% of water usage in a winery is water wasted in washing operations. The GOfermentor uses FDA approved food-grade, biodegradable, single-use liners that eliminate most of the washing operations.

Save Time and Capital

Just move the palleted container into the fermentation area, connect it to a household electric plug and put in a new liner. No installation cost. Complete systems start as low as $1500.

Reduce Labor

Washing operations are totally eliminated. At the end of fermentation, press out the wine using the integral press. Use a pump-over sump strainer to remove any entrained seeds, skins, and stems, and collect the clarified wine in another bag or other container. Then pull out the liner containing the residual pomace and disperse it as fertilizer in the vineyard. Discard the biodegradable liner. Done.


GOBASE – Reusable outer container with control panel – Rigid plastic container holds the fermentation bag in position. A panel with electrical components and valves attaches to the rigid container for automatic control of punch, temperature, and other functions.

GOLINER – Single-use Fermentation Liner – The fermentation is conducted entirely inside a flexible plastic liner supplied clean.

Better Quality
SINGLE USE means NO Contamination
NO air contact minimize sulfite
EASY to use
AUTOMATED Cap Management
Up to ONE TON of grapes
Quick Setup
NO Waste Water
90% LESS Water Usage
NO Washing
Cost effective
PLUG & PLAY No Installation Cost
Labor Saving
Starting at $1500


GOfermentor was created by Meera and Vijay Singh. We started winemaking for ourselves and found the existing technology too tedious and environmentally unsound. Traditional winemaking is more janitorial work than wine making! You have to wash all the tanks before you start, then you clean all the equipment, then you have to wash the whole mess again when you are done. Punchdown is another tedious and dangerous process. The overwhelming amount of work led us to rethink the whole winemaking process, to optimize it so that it could be run by just the two of us. To our surprise, the new automated punchdown technology helped us extract better color and flavor. Our wines won awards, and others wanted to use the technology. After a number of trials at various wineries in 2015 and 2016 the technology is now perfectly available for sale for the 2017 season. Buy the low-cost patented GOfermentor. Made in USA.


Dr Singh is a world-recognized biotech scientist, he developed the highly acclaimed Wave Bioreactor which revolutionized the production of biopharmaceuticals by using a disposable cultivation bag. He decided to apply his expertise in disposable processing to the key issues of winemaking. The patented GOfermentor and GObarrel wine aging/storage system was born out of this work.