GOfermentor JR featured in The Wall Street Journal

THE FUTURE OF EVERYTHING Oct. 12, 2018 The Winery That Fits in a Closet What if you could make wine by putting grapes in a bag and pushing a button?[…]

Best Winery in New Jersey: Sky Acres Winery

“Recently, on a day trip to Somerset County, New Jersey, I had the special opportunity to learn about the one-of-a-kind operation that is Sky Acres Winery in Bedminster, recently named[…]

GOfermentor trials in Piedmont, 2016 harvest

“About flavor, GOfermentor has proven to be particularly effective in favoring the production of floral and fruity aroma wines with respect to control wines. Moreover, the GOfermentor winemaking system has[…]

GOfermentor® Announces it will donate GOfermentors to wineries effected by wildfires in CA

GOfermentor announces it will donate GOfermentors for wineries effected by the wildfires in in Mendocino, Napa, and Sonoma Counties. We are saddened by the devastation and would like to provide equipment[…]

2017 GOfermentor Survery

Thanks to all that participated in the recent GOfermentor email survey. The winner of $1000 cash prize Gary Brookman, Brookman Cellars. Prize was picked at random. Congratulations and thank you. I[…]

GOfermentor featured in March issue of New Jersey Monthly magazine

It’s in the Bag A former pharma exec’s invention aims to take the mess out of winemaking. By Marlaina Cockcroft Vijay and Meera Singh want to clean up the winemaking business.[…]

GOFermentor Wines win Gold in San Fransisco Chronicle Awards

We entered 3 wines made in the GOfermentor they all won awards. Cabernet Franc 2015 New Jersey won Gold Black River Red 2015 New Jersey won Silver Petite Syrah 2015 American[…]

Fermenting Wine Grapes in a Bag

The GOfermentor enables quality improvement in small wineries, By Richard Carey, Wine and Wines August 2016 Read the complete story WinesVinesAugust 2016 KEY POINTS GOfermentor is a new method of managing fermentations[…]

Reducing water consumption in winemaking

14 October 2015 Dementia Wine works with an American scientist in the development of an innovative biotechnological method of making wine decreasing water consumption and therefore environmental impact ” My[…]

Petite Syrah wins Gold Artisan Award

Wine made in the GOfermentor wins Gold Artisan Award. Made in the patent-pending GOfermentor that automatically handles the difficult job of cap management. It is completely sealed, so oxygen cannot degrade[…]