Automated Cap Management

The GOfermentor currently available has a nominal volume of 1000 liters. This can be used for a batch size ranging from 200lbs to 1 ton of grapes per run. This makes it ideal for small winery operations and also for experimental runs in large wineries. It can be used for either red or white wine production. In the case of red wine, the integral punch system manages the cap, and is also used for pressing the wine at the completion of fermentation. With white wine, the punch system is used to press out the grape juice prior to fermentation and can later also be used for bâtonage.


GOfermentor US patent 9,260,682. Foreign patents pending.


Reusable outer container with control panel – This rigid plastic container holds the fermentation liner in position. Since the wine does not contact the outer container, it can be reused between batches by simply wiping down the surfaces. A panel with electrical components, inflation fan, and valves attaches to the rigid container for the control of punch operations, temperature, and other functions.


Single-use Fermentation liner – The fermentation is conducted entirely inside a flexible plastic liner. This liner has 2 chambers – a primary chamber where the fermenting must is contained, and a secondary chamber that can be inflated to squeeze the primary chamber. The two chambers share a common wall, but it is very important to note that the air used to inflate the secondary chamber does in no way come in contact with the fermenting must in the primary chamber. The GOliner is supplied clean and ready for use. It is intended for only one use.

Zero Footprint Winery

Wineries have a peculiarity in that they operate only a few weeks of the year. The grapes come in, and the fermentations are run. Then the wine goes off to aging tanks and barrels and the expensive stainless-steel fermentors sit idle for the next 10 months. With the GOfermentor, you just unfold the rigid GObase containers. Order some GOliners and you are ready to ferment. When you are done, fold up and put away the GObases and control panels. Your valuable winery space is freed up. The GOfermentor enables just about a zero-footprint winery – it only exists when you need it, and best of all thanks to the no-cleaning “waterless” design it has almost no environmental footprint or infrastructure.