How it Works

Our patent-pending GObarrel aging system uses a single-use flexible metallized collapsable plastic liner with a unique fill/drain port that does not permit any air to contact the wine. The minimizes oxidation and evaporation while aging. Topping off is eliminated as the liners automatically collapse as wine is removed, so no headspace is ever created. This results in an enormous savings in cellar labor and eliminates the risk of oxidation in partial barrels. There is no danger in storing partially full barrels, and barrel-to-barrel transfers are also eliminated. GObarrel200 can contain any volume from 10 to 200 liters (55 gallon). Larger volume GObarrels system using totes up to 2000 liters (300 gallons) are also available.

Use of single-use FDA food grade components eliminates the risk of contamination from poorly washed barrels/tanks, and reduces or eliminates the need for sulfite addition.This also reduces the huge amount of wash water typically used in conventional wineries for barrel and aging tank sanitation. Each GObarrel liner is inexpensive and designed for one use, eliminating the need for sulfites, steam, and harsh chemicals necessary to clean traditional wooden barrels.

Aging Room

The Key to Aging Wine without Air Contact

1) The single-use metalized plastic liner. This liner material is similar to that used for bag-in-box wine containers in that it is inert and has very low oxygen permeability.

2) A dip tube fitting that allows the bag to be filled and drained through just one port. This fitting has a small vent that ensures that any gas generated in the plastic liner is vented to the atmosphere, yet it does not permit air to enter the liner when it is emptying.

Liner Support

Fits all Shapes and Sizes

The liner must be supported by a rigid outer container, otherwise it is impossible to keep it in place.

This outer container can be stainless steel drums, barrels, totes, trays, or even intermediate bulk containers (IBC). There is no constraint on the geometry of the outer container, nor any requirement that it be sealed or pressurized.

GObarrel200 is a stainless-steel container designed to hold a GObarrel liner with a maximum capacity of 200 liters (55 gallon).


The GObarrel200 has a single fill/drain fitting conveniently located at the front of the barrel. This eliminates the need for top bung access and allows the barrels to be stacked tightly.

A wine-thief is not used with the GObarrel. Instead a rubber-bulb sampler is used to draw out samples. It connects to the fill/drain fitting. This device ensures that no air is introduced in the barrel even during sampling.

To transfer the wine, a hose is attached to the fill/drain fitting and the wine simply pumped directly to another GObarrel liner, bottling line, blending tank, or other operation. Again, no exposure to air !


Making just the right blend

Oak staves can be introduced into the GObarrel liner for “oaking” as desired. The opening on the GObarrel allows the introduction of standard width staves. Oaking can be easily stopped when desired by simply transferring the wine to another GObarrel liner.

Oak staves can be reused depending on the flavor profile desired, similar to the traditional use of new and old oak barrels. Oak staves are available in American or French oak and in myriad toast levels providing greater control of “oaking”. Oak staves are made from the same wood used for barrels, but at vastly lower cost. The ability to use both sides of the oak surface reduces cost and improves sustainability.