Comments from the winemakers who tried our system

We worked with wineries for the commercial trial of the GOfermentor in 2015. The result suggest that the GOfermentor extracts more flavor, making fruit forward quality wine, because the winemaker has more control over the environment in which the wine is made. Here are some of the comments from the winemakers.

Clos Pegase

“Biggest advantage was cap management, just turn in on in morning and let it do it’s thing all day.”

“Sampling port was great, the water usage was great. In terms of labor we really did not pay much attention to the GOferemntor.”

“I can’t really think of one disadvantage. The results were good.”

Richard Sowalsky, Head Winemaker, Mark Koehn, Production Manager


“The pressing worked great!”

“There are restrictions to use water to clean the fermentor.This will go a long way to satisfy the Storm water usage certification problem in California, this would go a 100% to satisfy that problem.”

“The automatic punch goes a long way past if you are doing it manually.”

“The GOfermentor eliminates fruit flies and the lack of oxygen exposure is great, you want to keep things as sanitary as possible.”

“Traditional fermentors are astronomical in cost compared to the GOfermentor.”

Mark Barge, Owner and Winemaker


“The wine tasted good it was a little more intense. I have made Cabernet Franc from that vineyard before, I would have to say that it was a little more intense, the automatic punch is the biggest advantage.”

Bruce Regalia, Head Winemaker

“The big plus is the control of the environment of your must. You don’t have flies, you don’t have unwarranted exposure to the air, you don’t get oxidation, that was a big plus in the quality of what comes out of the wine.The result was good wine, good quality.”

Paul Anctill, Winemaker


“We did a side by side trial in a macrobin. Color was slightly more extracted, flavor profile was different, it did have a slightly different mouth-feel, possibly more tannin extraction.”

“Overall it is much cleaner. The lack of oxygen was good especially as we were doing a Pinot.”

“Overall I liked the pressing. Removing the bag afterwards and disposing of the pumice was no problem at all, overall very easy. The savings really comes in when you don’t have to get your press dirty and the cross-contamination that happens in a press.”

Cameron Stark, Winemaker


“No cleaning to set it up or break it down, the water savings was a plus! It is relatively compact and folds down when not in use.”

“It excludes oxygen and fruit flies quite well.”

Annette Danzer, Winemaker

Center of effort

“We didn’t use as much water, definitely a plus. It’s a great design.”

Kat Gaffney, Winemaker

Parejas 1

“Flavor wise the GOfermentor was probably probably fruiter, brighter fruit flavors. So far the quality of the wine is good.”

“Automatic punch ran pretty much flawlessly. Its pretty much plug and go. The sampling worked really well.”

“The water saving was great.”

“It’s a unique and innovative way of making good, to very good quality wine.”

Mark Wysling, Winemaker


“In the tasting in both lots the wine was more fruity, not as much as much color. The fruit and the acidity was really really good and the volatile acidity was much lower. We fermented at a lower temperature, and we did not use any oxygen so the fermentation was much cleaner.”

“The biggest advantage is that it is so comfortable to program the system, you don’t have to be there for the punching. Great labor savings.”

Nacho León, Winemaker

Toasted Toad

“The color was very good and the taste was different but good. The finish was much more defined.”

“The biggest advantage was the savings of time & labor, minimal use of water for cleaning & flavor extraction. ”

Jeff Werter, Winemaker