GOfermentor was created by Meera and Vijay Singh. We started winemaking for ourselves and found the existing technology surprisingly tedious and environmentally unsound.

Traditional winemaking is more janitorial work than wine making! You have to clean and sanitize all tanks, equipment and floors before you start, then wash the whole mess again when you are done. The amount of wash water used in a winery is mind-boggling: typically six times the volume of the wine produced, and all that waste water must then be treated before discharge.

With red wine, pushing the cap down every few hours is hard and dangerous work. Pressing out the wine at the end is another horrific operation that takes hours, involves CO2 inhalation hazard during tank entry and a host of press malfunction issues. Wine is spilled and wasted everywhere.

Finally, when you get the wine into the traditional wooden aging barrels, you must keep them topped off every other month, necessitating breakdown into kegs and carboys that crowd floorspace and are prone to spoilage and breakage.

These inefficiencies led us to rethink the whole winemaking process.  The GoFermentor and SmartBarrel have optimized fermentation and storage so that it’s now easily run by just the two of us and dependably produces wines of high consistent quality.


Dr Singh is a world-recognized biotech scientist with many published papers and patents. In the late 1990’s he developed the highly acclaimed Wave Bioreactor which revolutionized the production of biopharmaceuticals by using a disposable cultivation bag supported on a rocking platform. The low cost and spectacular performance of the Wave Bioreactor led to its acceptance worldwide in nearly every biotech/pharmaceutical manufacturing company. Vaccines, antibodies, cytokines, proteins, are all commercially manufactured in the Wave Bioreactor (now owned and marketed by GE).

His success in disposable processing inspired the engineering of GOfermentor & a whole new approach to winemaking.

Meera Singh was a partner and creative director in a NYC design company for many years. She is a WSET level 3 certified sommelier and manages the operations and marketing for GOfermentor. She is taster-in-chief, in charge of making the wine blends for our Sky Acres Winery.

Skyacres Winery

Our winery generates almost no waste!

05Sky Acres Winery is located in horse country in central New Jersey about 1 hour west of NYC. This area consists of large farm tracts, most of which are protected from future development. The winery and vineyard are located in 50 acres of pristine woodlands and pasture. The name of the winery comes from our long time interest in aviation and the logo represents our red Waco YMF5 biplane.

The winery and vineyard is primarily used for research and development into new and more sustainable ways to make wine. Our goals include better quality wine with minimal water usage and minimal environmental impact. It is a test site to evaluate our GOfermentor® winemaking machine, our GObarrel® aging system, and many other innovations.

Our wines are made without contact with air and aged in unique air-tight containers. We produce excellent wines using these sustainable techniques and these are available on-line. We do not permit public access to the winery, but can provide tours on request. If you wish to see our innovative processes, or want to taste our wines, please contact us and we will happy to send you an invitation.

We are powered by solar panels & have NO carbon footprint.
We generate NO waste water.