Cool New Products from Syracuse

Products that are smart, make your tasks easier and provide cost or labor savings

Bill Pregler

A F T E R 1 8 C O N S E C U T I V E Y E A R S of prospecting for new products at the Unified Wine and Grape Symposium (UWGS), I spent last year (in failed retirement) roaming the Atlantic Coast instead. My search was finished at the Eastern Winery Exposition in New York. Years ago, many in the wine business believed all winery equipment came from three countries: Italy, Italy and Italy. Today, innovation knows no boundaries, and in keeping with that knowledge, I’ll be expanding my horizons for What’s Cool by offering a look at out-of-the-box producers, updates to existing products and the West Coast trade shows.


Dr. Vijay Singh, biotech scientist and owner of Sky Acres Winery in Bedminster, New Jersey, has an extensive portfolio of patents in the pharmaceutical industry focused on sanitary, polyethylene containment and mixing systems. It is no surprise that, given this background, he’s invented something similar for our wine industry.

The GOfermentor is a totally self-contained, single-use, hermetically-sealed fermentor which allows no air inside and requires little water for clean-up.