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How it Works

The SmartBarrel employs an inert, food-grade, low monomer, low oxygen-permeable flexible liner placed inside a barrel or other supporting container.  The liner is filled with no headspace. Wine can be stored indefinitely without risk of oxidation. No need for “topping off”.  The single-use liner eliminates barrel cleaning and potential contamination.

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Watch the animation below to see how the SmartBarrel works:

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The SmartBarrel can use existing barrels, barrel shelving, and barrel infrastructure. An opening is cut into a metal or wood barrel. A single-use liner is inserted through this opening. The diptube, provided in the SmartBarrel kit, is connected via a triclamp to the liner. The diptube is used to fill, empty, and sample. Once the barrel is empty, the liner is pulled out and discarded. The diptube assembly is reused with a new liner.

Used wood barrels can be easily be converted to SmartBarrels, providing a traditional look while using modern flexible liner technology.

The SmartBarrel can be partially or completely filled with wine for topping. It can supply wine for topping the rest of the lot, preserving the remaining wine indefinitely without oxidation.



Special Features


Wine can be withdrawn from a Smartbarrel and the remainder held indefinitely without oxidation. This greatly simplifies wine storage management for small wineries.


Oak trials allow the winemaker an unlimited variety of woods and toast levels for experimentation without the interference from “neutral” oak barrels. Trials are easily performed in the SmartBarrel by introducing an appropriate quantity of staves, chips, or powder into the liner.

Small wineries can perform their entire “oaking” operation in a Smartbarrel. Oaking can be terminated when desired by pumping the wine to a new liner.


The SmartBarrel makes passive micro-oxygenation easy and reproducible at any level from 100 down to 0.1 mg/L/month. SmartBarrel liners are available in 3 different plastic materials, each with different oxygen permeability.

Large Containers

IBC (Intermediate Bulk Containers) are useful for larger (330 gallon) volumes.  They can be stacked, shipped, and moved by forklift. Smartbarrel liners are available in a 330 gallon format to fit common IBC containers. They can also be used in macrobins and similar containers. No cleaning or “topping off” is needed. IBC containers are DOT certified for shipment and can be trucked to other facilities. Eliminating the need for tank-to-tank transfers reduces washing labor, water usage, and potential degradation due to exposure to air.