GOfermentor trials in Piedmont, 2016 harvest

“About flavor, GOfermentor has proven to be particularly effective in favoring the production of floral and fruity aroma wines with respect to control wines. Moreover, the GOfermentor winemaking system has led to more balanced, less astringent and less bitter wines above all for Nebbiolo wines.

In conclusion, the GOfermentor system can express the best potential in the production of young red wines, or aged wines from grapes which not require an intense (hard) extraction process. The system is useful also when conducting winemaking processes using moderate amounts of grapes (less than 900 kg). In addition, the GOfermentor system can be a valuable tool for experimental winemaking thanks to the high automation that makes the technological effects reproducible, and to the single-use bag that allows a clean production environment for each batch.”

Dr Enzo CagnassoDISAFA – Università di Torino

GoFermentor2016 Supplemental Report July2018