Advanced Wine Storage Technology

No headspace, No topping, Partial fill

No cleaning, Single-use liner

Micro-oxygenation optional


SmartBarrel Dip tube + SmartBarrel Liner + IBC or used Wood Barrel or Drum (you provide)


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An entire wine racking system can be built using the SmartBarrel concept. No tanks are needed and no cleaning is necessary. By not using wood barrels you can minimize brett contamination and also reduce sulfite additions. Wine can be pressed right into IBC SmartBarrels each with a capacity of 300 gallons. These can be moved around, shipped, and stacked. Racking is done by transferring to new liners. Oaking can be done by the addition of various clean oak products. ML fermentation can be performed in the liners. Liners with varying oxygen permeability make controlled microxygenation safe and predictable. Low permeability liners can be used to store wine for years.


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Every SmartBarrel utilizes our patented SmartBarrel diptube. This dip tube makes it possible to remove any headspace, vent gases, take samples, and fill and empty without the risk of oxidation or contamination. It is the core of the SmartBarrel and the result of over 5 years of painstaking development.

SmartBarrel is also available in a format for vertical drums. Inexpensive plastic drums can be used with a liner and SmartBarrel diptube kit to store small in-process quantities of wine safely. Simply fill up to 60gallons of wine and use the Aspirator to vacuum out the headspace. Now you can leave the wine for weeks without worry. An ideal way to deal with press cuts or other fractions.

Typically, the SmartBarrel liners are used all the way to blending and bottling. Simply connect the final liner to the bottling line.

The SmartBarrel can use also existing barrels, barrel shelving, and barrel infrastructure. This useful for utilizing existing barrel room shelving, or for aesthetics. The SmartBarrel wooden barrel kit contains all the parts to transform a useless old wood barrel into a bag-in-barrel SmartBarrel. No cleaning and no topping, yet the ambience of a traditional cellar room! An opening is cut into the wood barrel. A single-use liner is inserted through this opening. The diptube, provided in the SmartBarrel kit, is connected via a triclamp to the liner. The dip tube is used to fill, empty, and sample. Once the barrel is empty, the liner is pulled out and discarded. The dip tube assembly is reused with a new liner. Standard barrel racks can be used and barrels do not have be removed from the racks.

Used wood barrels can be easily be converted to SmartBarrels, providing a traditional look while using modern flexible liner technology.

The SmartBarrel can be partially or completely filled with wine for topping. It can supply wine for topping the rest of the lot, preserving the remaining wine indefinitely without oxidation.


TO FILL - connect pump to fill with wine.

TO EMPTY - connect pump and suck wine out.



SmartBarrel Overview

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