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Hosted by Dr. Vijay Singh on YouTube. Wednesday at noon Eastern. Join the discussion on various issues concerning winemakers.  All suggestions and question are welcome, email Text you questions or comments to (908) 672-0986‬.

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Episode 10, An interview with Vijay Singh inventor of the GOfermentor” 

Episode 9, Wine Racking, SmartBarrel style” 

Reading Something in the Cellar, Ronald Searle


Episode 8, The Joy of Blending” 

Episode 7, Building a Small Winery – the GOfermentor way” 

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Episode 6, “Pressing, Quick & Easy”


Reading Wine Science by Ronald Jackson


Episode 5, “New Cloud App for GOfermentor”

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Episode 4, “Experimental winemaking using the GOfermentor”

Reading The Science of Wine


Episode 3, “Safe Wine Storage”

Reading Postmodern Winemaking by Clark Smith


Episode 2, “Operating a Winery with Minimal staff”

Reading The Red Wine Diet by Rodger Corder


Episode 1, Cap Mangement Options

Reading The Rise of Yeast by Nicholas Money